Nice lighting design and atmosphere

To successfully decorate your home, it is essential to choose the right lighting. It is best to control the different lights in the room and opt for modern designs and diffrent lamps, you may find diffrent style on Maison Berger. Since homeowners and guests are often attracted to the light that surrounds them, there are two types of lighting that can be used. The first is cool lighting, which is more direct. The second is warm lighting, which creates relaxation and comfort.

A good light source is also characterized by three elements. First, there is the intensity of the light that creates a friendly atmosphere in the room. Then there is the color, which is either soft or bright. And finally, there is the distribution of lighting in the room to optimize the decoration.

Decoration for a modern and welcoming entrance

Propre, minimaliste, mais elegant

Clean, minimalist, but elegant

For a small room, bet on a minimalist decoration. Opt for custom-made furniture in small quantities.

Rangement et accessoires intelligents

Smart storage and accessories

In any room of the house, minimize expenses with DIY storage. For example, use old boxes to store products.

Lampes et miroirs

Lamps and mirrors

On your beauty space, make sure to put a lamp and a mirror. You can use LED lamps to make it more practical.

A decorative touch to add to any room!

To successfully decorate the interior of your home, you need to highlight each room. Know that in all the rooms of your home, the method to use for decoration is not the same. In the living room, focus on comfort. In the bathroom, focus on conviviality. And, in the bedrooms, opt for modernity.

A decorative touch to add to any room
A decorative touch to add to any room
A decorative touch to add to any room
A decorative touch to add to any room
A decorative touch to add to any room
A decorative touch to add to any room
A decorative touch to add to any room

A green decoration is trendy and pretty!

At this time, opting for an ecological interior decoration brings advantages. It allows each owner to make the house trendy, but also to protect the environment. The best way to do this is to recycle old furniture.

Outdoor space decorated in an eclectic style

For outdoor design, why not bet on the eclectic style? It’s a nice and fresh decoration at the same time. As a special feature, it highlights nature and spring. The basic material is wood. For the floor covering, for example, parkex remains the most practical. If you opt for a parquet floor, select a model that has the same color as the wood.

Whether you contact a professional decorator or not, the principle remains the same. It is necessary to combine several elements. But, don’t forget to take into consideration your taste and your dreams in terms of decoration. As for the decorative elements, take advantage of the prints on the walls, on the lamps, on the cushions, etc…