Marine inspired decor: create a seaside room without excess!

Known for years, the marine inspired decor has not aged over time. The famous blue and white duo continues its evolution. To update it, new colors, old furniture and accessories are added to complete the atmosphere. The objective? Escape, travel…

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Country-style room: rely on rattan, wood and other rustic materials

A country-inspired decor is one of the most fashionable styles today. Suitable to illuminate an event such as a wedding or any other festivities of the kind, you can also adopt it for the decoration of tables, a reception room,…

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Adorning your interior with plants: how to go about it?

Are you looking for an original decoration idea to embellish your interior? What is sure is that the possibilities are numerous. It’s up to you to choose the style of decoration that suits your interior space which you want to…

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How to create a room in the curio cabinet style?

The cabinet of curiosities is the ideal solution to showcase favorite objects at home. Whether it’s unique pieces from the world of science as tradition dictates, natural sciences or your favorite objects to renew the genre in a contemporary way,…

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