Berger Lamp adorned by a large number of designers!

A lamp that lights up and exhales a pleasant scent exists! It is, of course, Berger lamp. At 120 years of existence with a great notoriety, it could make succumb the artists, the stylists and the famous creators. Hence the reappearance of the new more convoluted lamps in all French museums. Indeed, the principal aim of this lamp is to propagate a delicate fragrance by indirectly attenuating the people in the vicinity.

History of Berger lamp

Commonly called Lampe Berger, this gasoline and perfume diffuser was invented in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy assistant of the time. At the beginning, the experimentation came with the idea to purify the atmosphere in the rooms of every hospital as well as in the mortuaries. In 1927, this somewhat special perfume was bought by an industry to target the local inhabitants as a decoration rather than a lighting. Many years later, that is in 2015, it was labelled and exhibited in the museum. From that time on, this activity has become an income generator. Berger Lamp was then adopted by many designers. More than removing pestilential odors, it has become a strong deodorant, hence the refills of perfume for reed diffuser. In fact, a recent statistic has shown a sale of more than 800,000 lamps and 5,000,000 litres of perfume per year.

What is a Berger lamp?

A Berger lamp is not quite an object to make a house shine. It is, however, something that is used to scent the interior of a room, no matter how big or small. It is a catalytic combustion lamp. In many cases, a liquid perfume is poured into the lamp and then combustion takes place. Afterwards, some sort of gas is released to give off a rather disinfecting and mitigating fragrance. Most of these lamps are now advocated by famous designers and creators such as Gallé, Lalique and Sabino. Well-known designers like Morabito or Chantal Thomas have also left their pen to honour this French heritage. Currently, this product is available in Europe, especially in France, as well as in the South-East part of Asia and North America.

The Berger lamp: role and use

Use: it is not intended to be lit permanently. Normally, it will have to shine for 20 minutes maximum, the essential duration to spread all the necessary fragrances in a room. The presence of children does not prevent anyone from its use, if and only if it is not within their reach. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women and people allergic to perfumed substances. It can be used in any room of the house and you can even light different lamps in different rooms to have different sensations. More than just a perfume, Berger Lamp is also a decorative pattern.

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