Country-style room: rely on rattan, wood and other rustic materials

A country-inspired decor is one of the most fashionable styles today. Suitable to illuminate an event such as a wedding or any other festivities of the kind, you can also adopt it for the decoration of tables, a reception room, or simply for the design of your home. It is a fashion in perfect adequacy with nature and with all that is related to it. Find out why materials like rattan or wood are excellent choices.

What is country style

When the term "country" is mentioned, many people immediately think of an old style, outdated, sometimes even in bad taste. However, country style is a fashion adopted by many people both for its visual aspect and for what it represents. It is a mode of decoration that is based on the use of elements of the 80s or 90s as curtains, furniture, fabrics, accessories, etc., while being in harmony with the era in which we are. Indeed, the country style differs from the rustic style by its refinement. In addition, the rustic atmosphere leans towards darker shades of color, unlike the country style, even though both rely entirely on natural and rustic materials such as wood, rattan, leather, stone, etc. Why opt for these types of materials in a country-inspired decor?

Why choose natural materials

In an era completely engulfed by technology and artificial materials, man feels the need to connect with nature again. This is one of the reasons to turn to the country style. Wood, stone, rattan and various rustic materials perfectly represent this spirit. Adopting this style is an expression of affection towards nature. Indeed, many of these elements are found in a country style decor. They offer a unique visual aspect with warm colors and a sweet scent, which immediately creates a friendly atmosphere. An atmosphere that contrasts perfectly with the current domination of urbanization.

The advantages of rustic materials

Apart from the fact that they are a perfect representation of nature, they are elements that are perfectly resistant to time, when not exposed to the weather. Unlike materials such as aluminum or steel, they are perfect for a country-style decor. Their maintenance does not require any particular treatment because the maintenance products that we use every day are perfectly adapted. These materials are resistant and easily renewable. For wood for example, a good sanding is enough to give it a second life. In addition, furniture and various rustic accessories are easy to get. All you have to do is go to specialized stores, search the Internet sites of merchants, or explore the various flea markets.

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