Follow the trend and change your interior on a small budget and according to your mood as well as your desires. For a modification of decor, there is no obligation to change the furniture or anything. The sofa cover and linens are enough for a new style. The sofa is a ubiquitous piece of furniture in the home. In order to preserve it from dirt or to maintain its life span, it should be covered with custom slipcover.

Choosing the right cover for your sofa

Finding the right references for a custom-made sofa cover takes into account its seating capacity and the shape of the sofa. The sofa comes in many forms, including the classic sofa, the convertible sofa and the corner sofa, the trend of the moment.

It is easy to find a custom-made sofa cover. For the classic sofa, for example, it is enough to adapt the cover to the number of seats. For the convertible sofa, it is important to specify that the sofa transforms into a bed, so the custom-made cover must be adapted accordingly. The corner sofa is a large sofa, so it requires a lot of materials for its custom cover. You need to prepare a special budget for this.

Choose the materials used for a custom sofa cover

Choosing the material of the custom-made sofa cover is an important step. Know that the material you choose will be your future sofa. Some materials which are suitable for this purpose are suggested.

The cotton cover is at the top of the list. Comfortable, warm and soft, it fits any type of sofa. The microfiber or polyester cover is appreciated for its ease of maintenance and its resistance. The PVC cover is available in a wide range of finishes. It is resistant, but it must be admitted that the quality remains average. The velvet cover is pleasant and cozy. The linen cover is known for its resistance to insects and moths.

Advantages of a custom-made sofa cover

Inexpensive and very practical, a custom-made sofa cover is primarily designed to preserve the sofa itself. It protects it from scratches, stains, etc. The sofa cover can give a second life and a new lease of life to the original material already worn. The custom-made sofa cover has become a trend. It allows you to follow the fashion, and this, without changing the sofa. The use of the custom-made sofa cover is very economical. For a practical matter, the maintenance of the sofa cover is easy, you just have to remove the cover and wash it.