Marine inspired decor: create a seaside room without excess!

Known for years, the marine inspired decor has not aged over time. The famous blue and white duo continues its evolution. To update it, new colors, old furniture and accessories are added to complete the atmosphere. The objective? Escape, travel to the other side of the world. How to do it?

Colors and accessories

Far from being outdated, marine-inspired decoration continues to be the trend. Daring with new colors, it brings a contemporary touch. For example, break up the famous two with a pink object. Instead of blue, put grey in the spotlight to modernize your room. A room with natural hues reminiscent of the beach creates a moment of escape. You can choose this sandblasted color to anything that is made of wood in the room. Opt for these aspects in the accessories. Think of embellishing with the models of boat, the buoys on the wall or a vase with shells, without abusing it to avoid ‘too much’. In the coverings, use only a small touch of the timeless sailor stripes, bayadere or different variations of blue in sofas, cushions or pillows. Use these colors in the dishes to enhance the marine inspired decor. In the spirit of authenticity, natural materials such as rattan, wood, wicker, etc. are available for flooring, furniture or kitchen accessories.

Which furniture to choose?

Don't forget to put the iconic seaside style china cabinet in the dining room. Your tableware in a tone of your choice among those listed above will find its place there. Try to mix it up with contemporary touches; for example, with a designer armchair with said color and a lamp displayed next to it. Outdoor items such as deckchairs with a floral motif, brought inside, make you feel like you are always on vacation. Hanging armchair or hammock in a living room seems a better idea for lazing around in addition to a rocking chair in a bedroom or on the terrace. Don't hesitate to use DIY wooden wall shelves. Connect them with ropes to match the boat hulls.

Tips for all rooms

With sailor's rooms in mind, there's no reason why you can't make a simple bunk room. A retro wall light, white wall and old linen bedding will do the trick to make you feel like you're on a long voyage. For that matter, the kitchen as well as the bathroom can be relooked. A perfect mix of sky blue and white will give an aquatic feel. Bring these touches to the furniture, appliances and dishes. Raw wood throughout the dining room will make this area a warm space to escape to: get tables, chairs and rugs in this tone, too. And why not opt for the porthole version of windows typical of this style? By the way, the idea of using the marine setting or environment will help you in this task.

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