Wood is among the most durable and economical materials. Recently, the trend is to use burnt wood or Shou Sugi Ban. Whether it is for the exterior or interior, this process seduces more and more consumers. But what is it? What are the advantages?

Shou Sugi Ban or Yaki Sugi: what is it?

The burned wood process is an ancestral Japanese method called "Shou Sugi Ban" or "Yaki Sugi". The wood used is generally cedar or larch planks which are literally burned on a bed of embers or with a flashlight for 3 to 10 minutes. The moisture is thus released. Then, the residues are removed with a brush and the boards are sprinkled with water. After that, they are dried. A natural oil is applied to seal the pores and improve the finish. Today, Shou Sugi Ban burnt wood is used for many purposes, including wall cladding, flooring, fencing and decorative materials.

Advantages of burnt wood

The treatment method of Shou Sugi Ban burned wood increases the longevity and strength of the boards through the controlled burning process of the wood. Its life expectancy is estimated to be more than 80 years. Some say that this type of wood is as strong as diamond. Moreover, even outdoors, the burned wood has a low rate of degradation due to the effects of fire. Shou Sugi Ban is a biodegradable and renewable material since no chemicals are used. It is also very aesthetic and gives a warm and elegant look. Thanks to the oils used, it is possible to choose the final color. This wood is waterproof and fire resistant. It is not affected by insects, especially termites. The presence of asbestos is thus avoided. Finally, because of its durability, it is a very profitable material in the long term.

Long-term maintenance of burned wood

Even though burned wood is very durable, it is still necessary to maintain it. If you use Shou Sugi Ban burnt wood outdoors, it is recommended to apply an oil to the wood every 15 years on average. This helps to maintain its color and waterproofing. In case of interior coating, no maintenance is required. However, for burned wood furniture, it is recommended to apply oil every year to preserve its resistance and shine. Weekly cleaning is also recommended to prevent dust and dirt from clinging to it. To choose which oil to use, consider consulting a professional cabinet maker.