Comfortable, elegant, cozy for moments of relaxation, the lounge armchair finds its place in the decoration of all rooms in the house today. Its availability in many variants makes it an essential element in this sense. Created in the 50's, why does this object assert its power of attraction nowadays?

Features, comfort and aesthetics

With its wide seat and cozy back, the lounge armchair is the ideal furniture for reading or watching TV. In addition, its lower height than the classic is suitable for children as well as adults. Its 2 parts inclined towards the back and its depth of about 70 cm, provide its user with a semi-recumbent position, a perfect posture to relax. Its comfort assets remain in its soft cushions in soft beige or black leather, stuffed with foam and in its footrest. Initially, it was designed with noble materials in sober colors to furnish ceremonial rooms and offices. If it was wrapped in rosewood, today we find it in ash, cherry or walnut and possibly pigmented with black or white. Its cowhide covering can be smooth and shiny or porous and soft. Moreover, we can be pampered to choose among several colors depending on the type we desire.

The different variants for each style of decoration

While retaining its characteristics, manufacturers have created different models to the various styles of furnishing. In Retro style, rattan is used. It will be equipped with a footrest with white or beige cushions. This one will suit you if you bet on the bohemian atmosphere. Upholstered, with solid wood legs and matching footrest, it will fit the needs of a classic living room. Metal and leather find their place in the vintage shell with a single foot. With fabric seat and back, the design chooses the chrome frame for the lounge armchair. The Scandinavian, known with the wood material, combines plastic for the shell and fabric for its cushions, which also exists in blond wood with back and seat of the same material in pastel. The industrial style gives it a place with its black leather covering and metal structures. If you opt for the contemporary style, adopt the white or beige color for the leather and the bright tone for the fabric.

In the house, where to place it?

Almost every room will receive this piece of furniture because of its comfort and elegance. In your living room, it serves as an alternative to the classic armchairs; in your office, decorate with a pastry or liquor cart and a cozy rug without forgetting a bookcase and a magazine rack. Relaxation is assured after a very busy day. In your baby's room, you'll be comfortable in this armchair nursing and cuddling your child. Cushions and stuffed animals complete the atmosphere. In your room, it is an alternative place to read in the evening in peace and privacy before going to bed.