Within the line of dried flowers, pampas grass delights our decor!

Pampas grass is one of the most majestic plants available. It originates from South America and has gradually seduced interior design lovers until it has become the new trend today. Can you believe it? It is dethroning the eucalyptus! You may have heard of it before. Or you may not have heard of it yet. In either case, here are three ways to decorate your home with pampas grass.

Pampas grass in a vase, plain and simple!

This is the first option that comes to mind when we think of pampas grass, probably because it is the most common and the easiest to do. What is interesting with this solution is that the vase is already a decoration in itself. Pampa grass comes to decorate the vase so that the whole becomes a decoration for the table or the buffet on which it is placed.

Also, in case you have a sudden urge to change, you can always change the vase. It is convenient, because removing and placing the stems in another vase is not a complicated operation.

Making a floral hanging with pampas grass

The floral suspension is undoubtedly one of the best solutions to play with pampas grass. It should be noted that it is ideal for a temporary decoration. Indeed, because of its shape, the pampas leaf easily catches dust. If you decide to install a permanent floral hanging with pampas grass, it will take only three days for the decoration to change color by itself! That's why it's mostly used in one-time events.

A chandelier with pampas leaves is quite simple to make. You'll need about 50 stems of pampas grass and a hook suspension. Some people just use chicken wire and insert the stems into it. This is precisely what makes the magic of pampas grass. No matter what medium is used, the leaves always remain very elegant.

The bouquet with pampas grass on a mantelpiece

The fireplace is not just a part of the living room. Of course, it is installed primarily for its utility, but it is also a decorative piece. It has the particularity of easily highlighting the decorative elements that adorn it. Anything you put on the edge of your fireplace will attract the attention of visitors. Pampas grass leaves are already majestically elegant and they will attract all the glory of the living room decor to them if you place them on your mantel. That said, be careful to match the colors.

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