How to create a room in the curio cabinet style?

Published on : 01 July 20213 min reading time

The cabinet of curiosities is the ideal solution to showcase favorite objects at home. Whether it’s unique pieces from the world of science as tradition dictates, natural sciences or your favorite objects to renew the genre in a contemporary way, discover how to create a room in the style of a cabinet of curiosities.

A cabinet of curiosities: what is it exactly?

The cabinet of curiosities is the piece of furniture with multiple drawers. It was used to store several heterogeneous objects, sometimes becoming large and cumbersome collections. The cabinets will be placed in the secluded rooms, the intimate rooms, in order to study and meditate. By extension, the secluded rooms will take the name of cabinets of curiosities. By curiosities, you mean what amazes you, what astonishes you, what also comes from the desire to understand or to know. In this case, it is not a gain of interest in front of the bizarre. This cabinet of curiosities has become the decorating trend, giving an atypical atmosphere and also full character to the room.

Where to install your cabinet of curiosities?

If you want to create a cabinet of curiosities, you must take into account a few criteria. When your collections and objects are badly exposed, they will lose their effect. Therefore, you will not have the desired impact on visitors. On the contrary, it is necessary to emphasize them while creating the adequate decoration. There are many solutions available to you, depending on the quantity and size of the objects you want to display. Often, the living room is the room chosen to install the cabinet of curiosities. However, a hallway and an office can also be good solutions. It is generally not advisable to scatter objects, but to gather them on the shelf, on the mantelpiece, in the showcase or in the library. You can dedicate the whole wall to the collection and also the whole room if you have several pieces to display. You will be in charge of a real small museum. You should also consider the fragility or preciousness of your objects.

What decor for the cabinet of curiosities?

Traditionally, the cabinet of curiosities respects all aesthetic codes. However, you can also invent your own in order to enhance your finds. Usually, the most classic people choose a background in dark tones like petrol blue, burgundy, black, grey, making the exhibits stand out. This is also applicable to the accessories in glass, brass, dark velvet, blackened wood or copper. In addition, aged gold frames or velvet cases, flasks and cloches will dramatize small items. As for antique mirrors, they are perfect to multiply the objects that are unique.

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