Adorning your interior with plants: how to go about it?

Are you looking for an original decoration idea to embellish your interior? What is sure is that the possibilities are numerous. It's up to you to choose the style of decoration that suits your interior space which you want to arrange. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, there is no shortage of ideas. If you appreciate unusual, ecological and design decorations, why not choose plant decorations? In fact, greening your interior is becoming more and more fashionable. Certainly, the vegetations constitute, nowadays, real objects of decoration.

Hanging plants or a plant wall

What could be more stylish and elegant than plants suspended in the air? Whether the pots are made of wood, ceramic or metal, hanging plants always add a very authentic decorative touch with ease. Simply place them above furniture or a visible beam. You can also install them side by side in front of certain glass spaces such as windows for an assured elegance and a style without peer.

But you can also vegetate your interior with a green wall. Classic, but still trendy, it is an excellent way to highlight plants. To do this, we set up a wall shelf that will receive the plants alternating with other decorative objects.

A kitchen garden or a nature concentrate 

Who doesn't like to cook healthy and add delicate scents to their dishes? In the same way, to green up your home, you can install a small vegetable garden in the middle of the kitchen table. All that's left to do is to reach out and add flavor to your dishes with parsley, rosemary, thyme, etc.

You can never resist these little plants in jars, especially since they require low-maintenance. Flowers and plants in jars can be placed on a shelf, a bookcase, or on the edge of a cupboard. This will give a natural effect.

Choosing the right plants for the house

Inside the house, watering tips and spills will cause dirt, especially for hanging plants. Therefore, it is preferable to choose plants that require little watering. You can opt for condiment plants or aromatic flowers. You can put them in your kitchen, your living room, or even in your dining room. Otherwise, you can use epiphytic plants. They need almost no soil to grow and a plant support like a tree is more than enough. Another alternative is terrariums. Originally, it was the creation of a natural environment favorable to insects. But this kind of environment has now become a plant culture in its own right.

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