Since its inception, many people have noticed the effectiveness of catalyst diffusion, especially those who use it. For those who have not used it yet, find out a few of its virtues, directions for its use and everything else that concerns this tool.

Catalyst: an air purifying and perfume emitting tool

Lampe Berger, the inventor of this extraordinary method, created it with the aim of providing a more effective eliminator of bad odors. In other words, the catalyst not only masks odors, it directly destroys the responsible molecules through catalytic oxidation. The catalytic device emits heat, the property which attracts towards it the malodorous elements and pulverizes them. Indeed, the molecules will not be able to recombine. On the other hand, it is also possible to get a good smell from the Maison Berger catalytic lamps which can indulge you with a fine quality of home fragrance emission. This guarantees a fast, perpetual and harmonious scent.

How to use the catalyst

Everyone can use the LAMPE BERGER. First of all, fill the container with the corresponding liquid. For its first use, wait 20 minutes before switching on the catalyst. 2 minutes after ignition, extinguish the flame by blowing. Note that it covers 10 m2 in 20 minutes at most, i.e. about 1 minute maximum per m3. After the time limit has passed, turn it off.

Some tips about its assembly

It is necessary to extirpate the mount and the extinguisher. Then fill the container to less than 85%, so as not to drown the wick. Use only Lampe Berger home fragrances. Make sure the catalyst is clean so that the outside is not wet with fragrance as well. Add a certified AIR PUR System 3C® burner wick for your tool and push it all the way to the base. For the first use, remember to soak the wick well. When lighting, use a match or lighter. Do not exceed the flame-out time. Blow out the flame gently. Try not to touch the burner while it is lighting. After that, put the mount back on the burner, and then remove the mount to stop the activity of the Berger lamp. Once off, replace the mount over the catalyst. The precautions to take are as follows:

- Place the Berger Lamp, carefully covered with the snuffer, in a corner that does not contain too much heat.

- Always keep the catalyst under supervision during the 2 minutes of its activity.

- The fragrance diffuser and/or odor destroyer should be used out of the reach of children.

- Be very careful when holding the lamp, as it can be hot.