How do you showcase an openwork piece of furniture?

Shelves, chests of drawers or even sideboard, we generally see more and more objects or decorative openwork furniture in your interiors. Moreover, this style has become very widespread. It also allows you to create a light atmosphere, very modern and well designed. You can make an openwork furniture using several materials such as metal, wicker, wood or rattan. Find out how to enhance an openwork furniture.

Leave space around and paint the back wall in color

It's best to leave space around in order to showcase an openwork piece of furniture. The room will be crowded and you won't see the openwork furniture you want to showcase if you clutter the space with other furniture. It is therefore necessary to arrange the interior of the room with lightness and taste while leaving space around. By the way, to highlight the openwork furniture, you should also paint the back wall section in a color you particularly like. This will decorate the room and make your furniture stand out. You can dare to play with colors and patterns like wallpaper or paint. For the dresser, sideboard or headboard, you can choose the colorful wall plan behind.

Hang wall decorations and install pretty plants

Don't hesitate to hang wall decorations above your furniture because you can mix ideas together. Also, let your creative spirit speak by using the large horizontal mirror, jumble, macramé, and triptych of juju hats. It is also better to install some nice plants. Plants can enhance the openwork furniture such as succulents, dried or fresh flower bouquets, hanging plants, etc. It is therefore important to let some greenery into your home. Plants can also decorate your room by bringing nature into your home.

Put small decorations and a carpet in front

It is best to add objects from the trip, a light garland, decorative vases, small figurines, pretty flowers with strong sentimental value. This allows to complete the decoration of your furniture. You can decorate the furniture tastefully and without overloading your surface. When you have finished decorating the wall and also the furniture, it is now time to think about decorating the floor. You can play with patterns and shapes like fringed, Berber style, rectangular or round rugs. This allows you to embellish your room and your furniture. In addition to decoration, these rugs give a warm and soft atmosphere to a room. Furthermore, consider putting pretty baskets and a large plant like yucca, areca, Ficus, etc.

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