You are renovating your bathroom and you want to bring a little freshness? Why not opt for a free-standing washbasin. It's one of the latest trends in shower design. This sleek and elegant basin fits in with any decorating style.

A varied design accessory

One of the first assets of the bathroom vanity is its pure design. Generally made of stone or glass, it is modern and timeless. This accessory adds elegance to your bathroom. It is also available in several shapes: square, oval, round or rectangular. It is a luxury piece of furniture that fits perfectly with a contemporary or minimalist decoration. You have a multitude of basins on the market to choose from. The most classic and easiest to maintain is the ceramic basin. The stone one is particularly solid. The glass basin is very trendy, but requires a more complex maintenance. This multitude of proposals and this refined design explain in large part the popularity of the free-standing basin with consumers.

A practical and ergonomic sink

In addition to being trendy, the free-standing bathroom basin saves space. It is also ideal for small spaces, as only the pipe protrudes. It does not require a vanity unit. With its 10 or 20 cm height, it can be easily hung on the wall. You can also add a cabinet if your space allows it. Everything will depend on your taste and the surface at your disposal. Because of its size, the free-standing basin is ideal to put a double sink in a master bedroom. The countertop basin is also very ergonomic. For those with back or shoulder pain, it is more practical because it is quite high. This avoids bending over too much.

An easy to install basin

Unlike conventional basins, the bathroom vanity is very easy to install. All you have to do is make the holes for the pipes and place the basin on a suitable support. This can be the pipes themselves or a suitable piece of furniture. Then all you have to do is connect the drain. However, remember to put a silicone seal around the base for a better watertightness. But if you have any doubts, it is advisable to call a professional installer. However, you must plan for the faucets. In general, this type of basin provides a plate to install the faucet. If not, the mixer must be raised to the right height before fixing the cabinet or pipes.