Decoration: the return of natural fibers, rattan and wicker in the lead!

Natural fibers were already starring last year; they are heeling their return in decoration. When you want to surf the Internet searching the natural fiber decor, choose the collection of furniture and accessories in raffia, bamboo or rattan. These materials pair beautifully with light tones, linen and raw materials such as concrete and wood.

Renovate a rattan bench with cushions and match natural fibers with light colors

You can renovate a 70s-style rattan bench with several cushions made of fabrics with tropical patterns. To brighten up the atmosphere, you can put succulents or cacti on shelves and then choose a large suspension made of scalloped fiber. Finally, to ground this natural tone, but without weighing it down, you opt for a moss green for the wall color.

An elegant duo: bright white warmed with a touch of honey natural fibers in all styles and shapes; a wooden coffee table with driftwood legs or a hand-woven cushion in raffia: the slate gray foundation that arranges the room and above which the shelf or sofa stands out, all these item match perfectly well!

Combine rattan with lagoon blue and mix natural materials

Combined with touches of lagoon blue, the sandy tones of reed or rattan take us on a journey across the sea. This natural fiber decor is simple, the color palette is enhanced by the vibration of the emerald hue of the green plant. The aerial lines of furniture and especially the openwork stuffing or the steel rod feet of the base intensify this feeling of purity. A duo of marine colors can be used to reinforce a feeling of nature in the decor.

A desire for idleness comes out of this room with the special or almost unique use of rustic materials treated in an artisanal way: woven fibers, woven rattan or ruffled straw. The yellow tone of the rug or bedding fabric takes us into a summer mood.

Combining rattan with noble materials

Even the most famous designers are getting their hands on rattan. Some have built furniture based on the skills of craftsmen and their old method of manufacture. The result is that the vintage style sofa proved to combine very well with more precious and noble materials: brass, marble, for instance. In the end, the pink and gray selected to cover the cushions provide an extra elegance to the whole. It is not necessary to compose a total natural look, thanks to furniture with worked lines, you can marry pretty materials and tend your decoration towards a classy atmosphere.

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