Finding the right gift for a loved one is never easy. You have to know exactly what the person’s taste is. To save yourself this kind of headache, scented items are the perfect gift. Here are some ideas for inspiration. 

Essential oil diffusers in the home

Living in a well-scented home is a true daily delight. Indeed, scents promote relaxation. Essential oil diffusers do just that. These devices transform natural plant extracts into small droplets. The molecules will spread in the air and perfume the whole house. If you wish to offer an original gift to a loved one, the essential oil diffuser is ideal. This kind of object pleases most people, especially women. Moreover, their price remains very attractive. On the market, the choice of essential oils or sticks dedicated to diffusers is very vast. The scents are so numerous and they do answer the desires of each one. To unearth sticks of natural white willow for reed diffuser, do not hesitate to search online. You will have no trouble finding this specific product. 

Scented candles

Scented candles are also a great choice as a gift. The scents make the home more liveable and zen. We must admit that scented candles are invading the shelves of stores or supermarkets. Faced with this plethora of offers, it is difficult to make the right choice. When buying, it is essential to read the labels of the products well. Indeed, some scented candles are made from poor quality wax and other chemicals. They can cause irritation or allergies in sensitive people, especially children. The choice of fragrances also deserves special attention. Classic scents such as vanilla, chocolate and fruit are often popular. 


When looking for a scented gift, it’s hard not to mention perfumes. Women are the most adept at using fragrances. Nevertheless, men also appreciate them. When looking for the perfect fragrance, you need to take into account the personality of the gift recipient. For example, fragrances with floral notes are ideal for sensitive and gentle people. On the other hand, people with a strong character particularly like fragrances from the chypre family composed of oak moss, rose, jasmine, etc. When choosing a fragrance, opt for products from major brands. Indeed, perfume is a symbol of refinement and luxury.

A lamp that lights up and exhales a pleasant scent exists! It is, of course, Berger lamp. At 120 years of existence with a great notoriety, it could make succumb the artists, the stylists and the famous creators. Hence the reappearance of the new more convoluted lamps in all French museums. Indeed, the principal aim of this lamp is to propagate a delicate fragrance by indirectly attenuating the people in the vicinity.

History of Berger lamp

Commonly called Lampe Berger, this gasoline and perfume diffuser was invented in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy assistant of the time. At the beginning, the experimentation came with the idea to purify the atmosphere in the rooms of every hospital as well as in the mortuaries. In 1927, this somewhat special perfume was bought by an industry to target the local inhabitants as a decoration rather than a lighting. Many years later, that is in 2015, it was labelled and exhibited in the museum. From that time on, this activity has become an income generator. Berger Lamp was then adopted by many designers. More than removing pestilential odors, it has become a strong deodorant, hence the refills of perfume for reed diffuser. In fact, a recent statistic has shown a sale of more than 800,000 lamps and 5,000,000 litres of perfume per year.

What is a Berger lamp?

A Berger lamp is not quite an object to make a house shine. It is, however, something that is used to scent the interior of a room, no matter how big or small. It is a catalytic combustion lamp. In many cases, a liquid perfume is poured into the lamp and then combustion takes place. Afterwards, some sort of gas is released to give off a rather disinfecting and mitigating fragrance. Most of these lamps are now advocated by famous designers and creators such as Gallé, Lalique and Sabino. Well-known designers like Morabito or Chantal Thomas have also left their pen to honour this French heritage. Currently, this product is available in Europe, especially in France, as well as in the South-East part of Asia and North America.

The Berger lamp: role and use

Use: it is not intended to be lit permanently. Normally, it will have to shine for 20 minutes maximum, the essential duration to spread all the necessary fragrances in a room. The presence of children does not prevent anyone from its use, if and only if it is not within their reach. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women and people allergic to perfumed substances. It can be used in any room of the house and you can even light different lamps in different rooms to have different sensations. More than just a perfume, Berger Lamp is also a decorative pattern.

Sanitation of the house

To evacuate the bad waste waters and those which are not necessarily useful is essential. However, it is judicious to know how to do this in a more pleasant way in order to be able to purify the surroundings of the house as well as the interior. There are several ways to do this, but it is up to each individual to decide.

General information

House sanitation Has taken a prestigious dimension for a few years and played an advantageous role in the preservation of the environment as well as the circumspection of enrichment.  The sanitation of a house would be defined by the action of evacuation of the eroded waters of any source by mechanisms validated by the demands of the public health. It is a mission carried out by a public service at the moment of connection to the sewerage system at the beginning of the construction of a house or an acquittal of an old house, especially, having its own individual disinfection installation. For everything that is to avoid the odors released by this act, there are platforms as refills of perfume of lamp on to remedy it in the best way.

Interior decoration

As soon as it comes to interior decoration, what comes to everyone’s mind would be the accessories used according to each person’s taste as well as the shape and location of a room. All rooms in a house deserve to have their own accessories to enhance the meaning of the room. How to decorate them is quite a question especially if there are many issues to consider, such as color, shape, surroundings of the room or even the whole house. However, combining the useful with the pleasant and the right decoration would be the most sensible thing when it comes to construction.

Marrying draining and interior design  

The sanitation of a house is more than necessary for the hygiene and the life of a construction. This does not only require a considerable action to do, but also a good choice of provider or accessories to use. Knowing how to sanitize the exterior of the house while knowing how to decorate the interior is important, but it is not a talent given to everyone. The sanitation in question might not be so pleasant hence the need to keep your interior fresh. Opting for essential oil diffusers would be the most recommended thing. In addition, consider fragrance lamps which could give a good image and smell while making the sanitation experience quite pleasant and soothing despite what could happen.

Since its inception, many people have noticed the effectiveness of catalyst diffusion, especially those who use it. For those who have not used it yet, find out a few of its virtues, directions for its use and everything else that concerns this tool.

Catalyst: an air purifying and perfume emitting tool

Lampe Berger, the inventor of this extraordinary method, created it with the aim of providing a more effective eliminator of bad odors. In other words, the catalyst not only masks odors, it directly destroys the responsible molecules through catalytic oxidation. The catalytic device emits heat, the property which attracts towards it the malodorous elements and pulverizes them. Indeed, the molecules will not be able to recombine. On the other hand, it is also possible to get a good smell from the Maison Berger catalytic lamps which can indulge you with a fine quality of home fragrance emission. This guarantees a fast, perpetual and harmonious scent.

How to use the catalyst

Everyone can use the LAMPE BERGER. First of all, fill the container with the corresponding liquid. For its first use, wait 20 minutes before switching on the catalyst. 2 minutes after ignition, extinguish the flame by blowing. Note that it covers 10 m2 in 20 minutes at most, i.e. about 1 minute maximum per m3. After the time limit has passed, turn it off.

Some tips about its assembly

It is necessary to extirpate the mount and the extinguisher. Then fill the container to less than 85%, so as not to drown the wick. Use only Lampe Berger home fragrances. Make sure the catalyst is clean so that the outside is not wet with fragrance as well. Add a certified AIR PUR System 3C® burner wick for your tool and push it all the way to the base. For the first use, remember to soak the wick well. When lighting, use a match or lighter. Do not exceed the flame-out time. Blow out the flame gently. Try not to touch the burner while it is lighting. After that, put the mount back on the burner, and then remove the mount to stop the activity of the Berger lamp. Once off, replace the mount over the catalyst. The precautions to take are as follows:

– Place the Berger Lamp, carefully covered with the snuffer, in a corner that does not contain too much heat.

– Always keep the catalyst under supervision during the 2 minutes of its activity.

– The fragrance diffuser and/or odor destroyer should be used out of the reach of children.

– Be very careful when holding the lamp, as it can be hot.

Follow the trend and change your interior on a small budget and according to your mood as well as your desires. For a modification of decor, there is no obligation to change the furniture or anything. The sofa cover and linens are enough for a new style. The sofa is a ubiquitous piece of furniture in the home. In order to preserve it from dirt or to maintain its life span, it should be covered with custom slipcover.

Choosing the right cover for your sofa

Finding the right references for a custom-made sofa cover takes into account its seating capacity and the shape of the sofa. The sofa comes in many forms, including the classic sofa, the convertible sofa and the corner sofa, the trend of the moment.

It is easy to find a custom-made sofa cover. For the classic sofa, for example, it is enough to adapt the cover to the number of seats. For the convertible sofa, it is important to specify that the sofa transforms into a bed, so the custom-made cover must be adapted accordingly. The corner sofa is a large sofa, so it requires a lot of materials for its custom cover. You need to prepare a special budget for this.

Choose the materials used for a custom sofa cover

Choosing the material of the custom-made sofa cover is an important step. Know that the material you choose will be your future sofa. Some materials which are suitable for this purpose are suggested.

The cotton cover is at the top of the list. Comfortable, warm and soft, it fits any type of sofa. The microfiber or polyester cover is appreciated for its ease of maintenance and its resistance. The PVC cover is available in a wide range of finishes. It is resistant, but it must be admitted that the quality remains average. The velvet cover is pleasant and cozy. The linen cover is known for its resistance to insects and moths.

Advantages of a custom-made sofa cover

Inexpensive and very practical, a custom-made sofa cover is primarily designed to preserve the sofa itself. It protects it from scratches, stains, etc. The sofa cover can give a second life and a new lease of life to the original material already worn. The custom-made sofa cover has become a trend. It allows you to follow the fashion, and this, without changing the sofa. The use of the custom-made sofa cover is very economical. For a practical matter, the maintenance of the sofa cover is easy, you just have to remove the cover and wash it.

You are renovating your bathroom and you want to bring a little freshness? Why not opt for a free-standing washbasin. It’s one of the latest trends in shower design. This sleek and elegant basin fits in with any decorating style.

A varied design accessory

One of the first assets of the bathroom vanity is its pure design. Generally made of stone or glass, it is modern and timeless. This accessory adds elegance to your bathroom. It is also available in several shapes: square, oval, round or rectangular. It is a luxury piece of furniture that fits perfectly with a contemporary or minimalist decoration. You have a multitude of basins on the market to choose from. The most classic and easiest to maintain is the ceramic basin. The stone one is particularly solid. The glass basin is very trendy, but requires a more complex maintenance. This multitude of proposals and this refined design explain in large part the popularity of the free-standing basin with consumers.

A practical and ergonomic sink

In addition to being trendy, the free-standing bathroom basin saves space. It is also ideal for small spaces, as only the pipe protrudes. It does not require a vanity unit. With its 10 or 20 cm height, it can be easily hung on the wall. You can also add a cabinet if your space allows it. Everything will depend on your taste and the surface at your disposal. Because of its size, the free-standing basin is ideal to put a double sink in a master bedroom. The countertop basin is also very ergonomic. For those with back or shoulder pain, it is more practical because it is quite high. This avoids bending over too much.

An easy to install basin

Unlike conventional basins, the bathroom vanity is very easy to install. All you have to do is make the holes for the pipes and place the basin on a suitable support. This can be the pipes themselves or a suitable piece of furniture. Then all you have to do is connect the drain. However, remember to put a silicone seal around the base for a better watertightness. But if you have any doubts, it is advisable to call a professional installer. However, you must plan for the faucets. In general, this type of basin provides a plate to install the faucet. If not, the mixer must be raised to the right height before fixing the cabinet or pipes.

Shelves, chests of drawers or even sideboard, we generally see more and more objects or decorative openwork furniture in your interiors. Moreover, this style has become very widespread. It also allows you to create a light atmosphere, very modern and well designed. You can make an openwork furniture using several materials such as metal, wicker, wood or rattan. Find out how to enhance an openwork furniture.

Leave space around and paint the back wall in color

It’s best to leave space around in order to showcase an openwork piece of furniture. The room will be crowded and you won’t see the openwork furniture you want to showcase if you clutter the space with other furniture. It is therefore necessary to arrange the interior of the room with lightness and taste while leaving space around. By the way, to highlight the openwork furniture, you should also paint the back wall section in a color you particularly like. This will decorate the room and make your furniture stand out. You can dare to play with colors and patterns like wallpaper or paint. For the dresser, sideboard or headboard, you can choose the colorful wall plan behind.

Hang wall decorations and install pretty plants

Don’t hesitate to hang wall decorations above your furniture because you can mix ideas together. Also, let your creative spirit speak by using the large horizontal mirror, jumble, macramé, and triptych of juju hats. It is also better to install some nice plants. Plants can enhance the openwork furniture such as succulents, dried or fresh flower bouquets, hanging plants, etc. It is therefore important to let some greenery into your home. Plants can also decorate your room by bringing nature into your home.

Put small decorations and a carpet in front

It is best to add objects from the trip, a light garland, decorative vases, small figurines, pretty flowers with strong sentimental value. This allows to complete the decoration of your furniture. You can decorate the furniture tastefully and without overloading your surface. When you have finished decorating the wall and also the furniture, it is now time to think about decorating the floor. You can play with patterns and shapes like fringed, Berber style, rectangular or round rugs. This allows you to embellish your room and your furniture. In addition to decoration, these rugs give a warm and soft atmosphere to a room. Furthermore, consider putting pretty baskets and a large plant like yucca, areca, Ficus, etc.

The cabinet of curiosities is the ideal solution to showcase favorite objects at home. Whether it’s unique pieces from the world of science as tradition dictates, natural sciences or your favorite objects to renew the genre in a contemporary way, discover how to create a room in the style of a cabinet of curiosities.

A cabinet of curiosities: what is it exactly?

The cabinet of curiosities is the piece of furniture with multiple drawers. It was used to store several heterogeneous objects, sometimes becoming large and cumbersome collections. The cabinets will be placed in the secluded rooms, the intimate rooms, in order to study and meditate. By extension, the secluded rooms will take the name of cabinets of curiosities. By curiosities, you mean what amazes you, what astonishes you, what also comes from the desire to understand or to know. In this case, it is not a gain of interest in front of the bizarre. This cabinet of curiosities has become the decorating trend, giving an atypical atmosphere and also full character to the room.

Where to install your cabinet of curiosities?

If you want to create a cabinet of curiosities, you must take into account a few criteria. When your collections and objects are badly exposed, they will lose their effect. Therefore, you will not have the desired impact on visitors. On the contrary, it is necessary to emphasize them while creating the adequate decoration. There are many solutions available to you, depending on the quantity and size of the objects you want to display. Often, the living room is the room chosen to install the cabinet of curiosities. However, a hallway and an office can also be good solutions. It is generally not advisable to scatter objects, but to gather them on the shelf, on the mantelpiece, in the showcase or in the library. You can dedicate the whole wall to the collection and also the whole room if you have several pieces to display. You will be in charge of a real small museum. You should also consider the fragility or preciousness of your objects.

What decor for the cabinet of curiosities?

Traditionally, the cabinet of curiosities respects all aesthetic codes. However, you can also invent your own in order to enhance your finds. Usually, the most classic people choose a background in dark tones like petrol blue, burgundy, black, grey, making the exhibits stand out. This is also applicable to the accessories in glass, brass, dark velvet, blackened wood or copper. In addition, aged gold frames or velvet cases, flasks and cloches will dramatize small items. As for antique mirrors, they are perfect to multiply the objects that are unique.

Are you looking for an original decoration idea to embellish your interior? What is sure is that the possibilities are numerous. It’s up to you to choose the style of decoration that suits your interior space which you want to arrange. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, there is no shortage of ideas. If you appreciate unusual, ecological and design decorations, why not choose plant decorations? In fact, greening your interior is becoming more and more fashionable. Certainly, the vegetations constitute, nowadays, real objects of decoration.

Hanging plants or a plant wall

What could be more stylish and elegant than plants suspended in the air? Whether the pots are made of wood, ceramic or metal, hanging plants always add a very authentic decorative touch with ease. Simply place them above furniture or a visible beam. You can also install them side by side in front of certain glass spaces such as windows for an assured elegance and a style without peer.

But you can also vegetate your interior with a green wall. Classic, but still trendy, it is an excellent way to highlight plants. To do this, we set up a wall shelf that will receive the plants alternating with other decorative objects.

A kitchen garden or a nature concentrate 

Who doesn’t like to cook healthy and add delicate scents to their dishes? In the same way, to green up your home, you can install a small vegetable garden in the middle of the kitchen table. All that’s left to do is to reach out and add flavor to your dishes with parsley, rosemary, thyme, etc.

You can never resist these little plants in jars, especially since they require low-maintenance. Flowers and plants in jars can be placed on a shelf, a bookcase, or on the edge of a cupboard. This will give a natural effect.

Choosing the right plants for the house

Inside the house, watering tips and spills will cause dirt, especially for hanging plants. Therefore, it is preferable to choose plants that require little watering. You can opt for condiment plants or aromatic flowers. You can put them in your kitchen, your living room, or even in your dining room. Otherwise, you can use epiphytic plants. They need almost no soil to grow and a plant support like a tree is more than enough. Another alternative is terrariums. Originally, it was the creation of a natural environment favorable to insects. But this kind of environment has now become a plant culture in its own right.

A country-inspired decor is one of the most fashionable styles today. Suitable to illuminate an event such as a wedding or any other festivities of the kind, you can also adopt it for the decoration of tables, a reception room, or simply for the design of your home. It is a fashion in perfect adequacy with nature and with all that is related to it. Find out why materials like rattan or wood are excellent choices.

What is country style

When the term “country” is mentioned, many people immediately think of an old style, outdated, sometimes even in bad taste. However, country style is a fashion adopted by many people both for its visual aspect and for what it represents. It is a mode of decoration that is based on the use of elements of the 80s or 90s as curtains, furniture, fabrics, accessories, etc., while being in harmony with the era in which we are. Indeed, the country style differs from the rustic style by its refinement. In addition, the rustic atmosphere leans towards darker shades of color, unlike the country style, even though both rely entirely on natural and rustic materials such as wood, rattan, leather, stone, etc. Why opt for these types of materials in a country-inspired decor?

Why choose natural materials

In an era completely engulfed by technology and artificial materials, man feels the need to connect with nature again. This is one of the reasons to turn to the country style. Wood, stone, rattan and various rustic materials perfectly represent this spirit. Adopting this style is an expression of affection towards nature. Indeed, many of these elements are found in a country style decor. They offer a unique visual aspect with warm colors and a sweet scent, which immediately creates a friendly atmosphere. An atmosphere that contrasts perfectly with the current domination of urbanization.

The advantages of rustic materials

Apart from the fact that they are a perfect representation of nature, they are elements that are perfectly resistant to time, when not exposed to the weather. Unlike materials such as aluminum or steel, they are perfect for a country-style decor. Their maintenance does not require any particular treatment because the maintenance products that we use every day are perfectly adapted. These materials are resistant and easily renewable. For wood for example, a good sanding is enough to give it a second life. In addition, furniture and various rustic accessories are easy to get. All you have to do is go to specialized stores, search the Internet sites of merchants, or explore the various flea markets.

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